Presence, Awareness, Inspiration

Are you feeling the pull of the moon these days? When I got up this morning I could see the beautiful, amazing and almost full moon shining out of the sky. Reflecting the sun’s rays back on her.

I just sat and quietly enjoyed those few moments until a cloud passed over. It seems like there is more time for that lately. Maybe because it’s winter and we find ourselves inside more than out, for Canadians anyway 🙂

This past weekend delivered more winter than what we have been experiencing – since November – and I really enjoyed walking as snowflakes fell gently from the sky. The lake just starting to freeze now.

I sat there too for a few moments and enjoyed the peaceful quiet that can almost be loud if you stay with it long enough. There is nothing quieter than the frozen lake – not in my experience anyway – and to sit and be so present is wonderful. It’s free therapy!

At this time you can still here ripples of the water under the chunky frozen bank that is forming at the water’s edge. The lapping lulls you into a relaxing meditation and if you close your eyes you can almost “see” the calm lake in summer as the same gentle lapping takes you in and soothes your soul.

The sun is shining now casting a warm light on the snowflakes that are falling – another beautiful winter vista!

We’ve all been experiencing a true hibernation this winter with restrictions and lockdowns. It gives us a new perspective on how nature copes with the adverse conditions of winter and retreat to their habitat for cover. Have you ever stopped to imagine how they survive those long cold months? It is a time of rest and renewal for many, as well as a time for birth if we consider the life cycle of the bear.

Perhaps this humane hibernation is Earth Mother’s way of telling us that we need to slow down. That our lives have drifted too far away from what is natural and above all else, what is real. Perhaps Earth Mother is asking us to take stock of our own personal reality and whether it is aligned with what is true to you – or is it a false existence?

Perhaps we too can enjoy a different outlook on our own imposed hibernation and use this time to relax, rest and renew. It is when we get quiet and become present to our thoughts that we become more aware of who we are – within and without.

That is the source of creation – presence, awareness and inspiration.