Return to the Light

The festive season is upon us and even though it has a different feeling and there are sacrifices being made by so many in the way of celebrating, it is still a beautiful time of year.

I was out walking this morning at one of my favourite wooded trails and even there I sensed an energy that was loving and peaceful. The snow was falling gently in gloppy large flakes, and it’s beauty felt mystical. Even nature knows the solstice is almost here.

We all have a part of the season that resonates with us in a special way and I have to say that celebrating the solstice is high on my list. Monday is the solstice and this means that on Monday we are immersed in the longest period of darkness all year. The sun rises the latest and sets the earliest on this day than it will all year.

This time of darkness is hard for many, however I have found it to be a very restful and peaceful time of year. A time of reflection. I love the silence that I “feel” in the long evening hours of darkness. It’s a gift for my soul when the quiet soothes and allows me to tune into my energy and the special energy of the solstice.

With the longest “day” of darkness we are reminded that it is only when we know and appreciate our own dark side and the shadows of it, then we are able to appreciate our unique light within. The light that we share with the world.

The light of life and love is what makes the world go around and it is this time of year when we feel it’s vibration the strongest. There is something about Christmas that creates vibrations of love, generosity and joy. There is an expansion in the energy field when these vibrations are stronger and there is light in that strength. This is what makes this season so very special. It is magical.

You may be celebrating the season in a different way this year and however and wherever you find yourself, remember that you are the light and the love of the season, no matter what is going on. You are the light that creates and this means that we can always share love throughout the most difficult of times.

This solstice is a time to remember that it is in the darkness where we turn to the light and that we can hold that light in our hearts when we are faced with the trials of life. In honor of this light and love, take at least an hour of silence on the solstice to reflect and honor the return to the light and the light within. The light that loves and inspires and is our gift to share.

It is in the return to the light that we find new life and new seasons of love.