sand and water

waves lapping at the shore

You know that sound of the water flowing in to the shoreline; the soft steady swish lulls you. It’s like a lullaby and when it’s close to your window it will swish you to sleep.

Nurturing and calming; hypnotically taking you back to the security of your mother’s womb.

Walking along the waters edge, feet touching earth. Feeling the cool soft sand with each step. Slipping in and out of the lapping water. Peace and serenity.

Resonating with first chakra energies; the physical. Grounding. Beautiful soft sands of Mother Earth soothing my soles. The steady flow and movement of my toes and heels leaving prints in the wet sand, connecting to the flow of water that is me. Second chakra moving, flowing, feeling.

Earth and water are the elements of me.