Sing a Song

Can you hear this water splashing?

Can you hear this grasshopper in the calm of this sunset?

Can you hear the wind rustling through these grasses?

Our fifth chakra resonates with the element of sound. Sound has it’s own very unique vibration and each different sound vibrates on it’s own frequency.

The best way to understand the essence of this chakra is to mindfully listen. Then feel the vibration of the voice / music / water / wind / leaves rustling / rain falling / ambulance siren / children laughing / geese honking / cicadas humming / crickets singing………..and the list goes on. Feel (chakra 2) in your body (chakra 1) and notice how the energies of your chakras resonate with each other.

When you feel those vibrations pay attention to how your energy responds to the energy behind each of those sounds. Voices are the most complicated because everyone speaks to us in their own personal way AND the frequency of their vibrations will come through on many different levels.

How we respond to those vibrations is determined by our own state of being at that time. Our heart and mind create personal perceptions.

Music is universal language and is central to the energy of this chakra. We are all moved by the energy of music in so many ways. Consider the musician’s instrument that stands alone. The musician picks it up and through the energy of all chakras she expresses herself with the instrument. They become one. The vibrations of that energy are received by us and move us in so many ways. This is beautiful resonance.

Singing can be considered a channel for this energy. Singing is beautiful energetic expression of all of the chakras and is very healing.

Play one of your fav songs and sing along with it loudly. Feel the vibration in your heart and in your throat. Really feel the amazing energy that you experience in this exercise.

Give some thought today to really tuning into sounds and how you and your energy resonate with each of them with end of day journaling for reflection.

Wrap up the day with 10 to 15 minutes of meditation getting as quiet as possible. If your mind is busy and creating a disturbance, make note of that internal sound. The voice inside is the loudest of all – and once you are able to rise above that noise then your rainbow takes on a whole new frequency of it’s own 🙂

Enjoy your day! xo