The Chakra Code

Many of you are aware of the energy centers held in our subtle energy body that are referred to as Chakras. They are vortices that are created through currents of energy that intersect at each Chakra and vibrate at a different frequency. The first Chakra vibrates at the slowest and lowest frequency and is very dense energy (physical form) and with each ascending Chakra, the frequency of energy becomes faster and lighter. Many diagrams show the main Chakras aligned along the spine of the body flowing from the lowest vertebrae and along up to the crown of our head.

Each Chakra provides an opening or place for all of the energies that we encounter to be transformed. I like to think of our individual energy centers (Chakras) as portals where alchemists work to diffuse the different vibrations of energy that we are and that we experience; assimilate and blend individual internal vibrations with the external to create our unique energy fields.

I also like the image of a rainbow when I consider the Chakras. The rainbow is iridescent – beautiful light. Iridescence is the phenomenon of certain surfaces that appear to gradually change color as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes. Examples of iridescence include soap bubbles, feathers, butterfly wings and seashells, as well as certain minerals. (Wikipedia)

Energy that is continually altered – that changes as you change in every moment in every day of your life. The angle of illumination is created by your energetic profile, vibrational frequencies and your experience. The important thing to recognize about your Chakras is their importance in creating the energy that you are. The role that they play in bringing you – your energy to life.

Going back to the rainbow, we can consider each colour / frequency of the rainbow to correspond to a particular Chakra and the element that Chakra is connected to. There are times when the Sun-light will shine so brightly that the vibrancy of the rainbow will be energy that connects as a feeling of expansion. Then there are other times when clouds will obscure the Sun-light and the magic and energy of the rainbow will be felt as withdrawal and expansion. We will always experience both the light and the shadow of the rainbow. The health of our Chakras will determine the outcome of those experiences.

Imagine yourself connected to the rainbow through a tether or cords that deliver energy to you from each chakra. Once you understand the Chakra code and how it influences your operating system then you are on the way to connecting to your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; YOU!

Beginning with Chakra 1 – the colour red – the lowest frequency and connected to the element earth.

The most dense and solid frequency; Your body and everything physical in your life is energized and brought to life through the vibrations that are the first chakra. Our body is an expression of first Chakra energy that has its roots in the families and communities that we are born into. It also includes the materials and actions needed to maintain your body; your physical being and mode of stability and survival. Earth is our home just as our body is our home; our body resonates at the same frequency as earth. No wonder we feel rejuvenated after spending time with nature. The principles of our right to be here and our right to have are Chakra 1 energies.

Chakra 2 – the colour orange – second lowest frequency and connected to the water element.

The frequency of this flow (susceptible to evaporation, trickle, gentle and strong currents, waves, low and high tides) influences the flow in our life; feelings, creativity, connection to our sexuality and the hydration of our body. We are about 70 or 75% water so it is necessary to replenish the water that we lose (through elimination and perspiration) continually. The moon influences the watery tides of the ocean – and so too the energy of the moon influences our “water body” in so many ways. The energy of the second chakra brings feeling to the energy of the first chakra. They combine to form emotion (energy in motion.) The principle of the right to feel is Chakra 2 energy.

Chakra 3 – the colour yellow – third lowest frequency and connected to our beautiful Mother Sun.

We are now moving to a higher vibration and the energy in our feelings will move the energy of our body to create energy in motion; the energy of our personality and the expression of who we are. Connected to our sense of personal power, confidence and our individuality. Energy in motion is our emotional self – the energy that we show to the world as this is who I am. The physical, the feelings and the expression of those two combined. The principle of the right to act is Chakra 3 energy.

Chakra 4 – the colour green – 4th highest and 4th lowest frequency and connected to air – the element of expansion.

It is the energy between the dense and the ethereal. It is the energy of loving; to love ourselves and our own unique energetic vibration and to expand and share that love with the world. This energy feeds our lower chakra physical and emotional energy and if we connect to the fourth chakra energy in a healthy way we know compassion, understanding and acceptance; it is the unconditional energy of our heart. The principle of the right to love is Chakra 4 energy.

Chakra 5 – the colour blue – the 3rd highest frequency and connected to the element of sound.

This is the energy of communication and the vibration that our spoken words carry. The energy in those vibrations that is shared and felt by others. Consider the energy of the words expressed to you by a loved one; consider the energy of the words that are backlash. Each definitely has a unique energetic vibration. The frequency and impact of words has a strong influence over collective energy – starting at the root of personal and individual energy. Consider the energy behind the voice of one person who influences many (political, religious, education.) The principle of the right to speak and to be heard is Chakra 5 energy.

Chakra 6 – the colour indigo – the 2nd highest frequency and connected to the element of light.

This is creative energy and how we share our light. We are all the beautiful iridescent light that is the rainbow and this is where the transformation of all the frequencies and the underlying energy of all of your chakras opens up to connection to everything that is the world. Understanding that we are all one and seeing each individual as a prism that reflects our rainbow light upon each other. The brightness of our light is influenced by the quality of energy and vibrations that reside at each frequency of our rainbow (Chakras). The principle of the right to see is Chakra 6 energy.

Chakra 7 – the colour purple – the highest frequency situated around the crown of our head and connected to the element of thought.

This is the point of conception for all the frequencies of energy that we carry, that we transform, that we embrace and the corresponding vibrations that is our essence; the complete code of your chakras. It is our thoughts that determine who we are and the principle of the right to know is Chakra 7 energy.