The Fallen Leaf

The fallen leaf follows the current and finds its way.

So we can say the same for all of us who have done the same. I walked today through some really strong winds and the leaves are not yet settled.

So we can say the same for all of us who have done the same. Yes, you did just read that statement twice. Many of us can share a time or two in our lives when strong winds blew the bottom out of what we thought was a strong foundation and left us feeling very unsettled. That’s when we should do like a leaf, find and follow the current – and then we’ll find our way.

The element of water is our nature connection to flow, emotions, feelings and healing. It is water that is the element of Scorpio – which is ruled by Mars energy. Mars is the energy of action and challenge – seems fitting on a day like today.

When life starts to get ripped in different directions, that is Mars sending us a message that changes may be on the horizon – whether you want them to be or not. It’s an action statement. I myself have experienced tremendous change in the past decade. I look in the mirror and see someone who is older – our physical appearance can take on the look of the leaf that has been tossed in a gusty windstorm – but I definitely have no regrets. I may be and look older, however the energy I feel and that I am is aligned with the rhythms of life. The natural web of life.

At first I struggled and I felt like a leaf that fell in the mud, got stomped on and had my edges ruffled and torn. It took me quite some time to realize that this was a lesson in learning about my values, valuing myself and teaching myself that turning a new leaf is quite amazing – once you surrender, follow the current and know that everything comes together when we appreciate what has been and the beauty of the unknown.

Like the changes of the seasons and for oh so many reasons, we can be our best selves when we align with the energy of the whole. The natural web of life.