The Magic of Gray, Brown and Green

The gray days of November are upon us

I can remember a time when I dreaded November because inevitably it was going to offer up some dark dreary days and many times the dark and the drear were enhanced by a cold icy slush that wasn’t really snow.

Lately I’ve been out walking and actually enjoying these days of November. We have been pretty lucky this fall with many beautiful sunny days and recent mild temperatures. I walk a lot through a cemetery that is close to where I live because it is peaceful and the traffic is limited to 1 or 2 cars. The cemetery is kind of like the story of November.

In the natural turn of the seasons, Mother nature is tilting our home away from the warmth of Mother Sun and you can see what that does just by looking out the window. Gray days and leaves gone or sitting in a wet mass in random piles where the winds left them. The earth is very cold, damp and the grass is withdrawing and dying from the crisp frosts that accumulated on the colder nights.

Mother nature and all beings are turning inward now. Preparing for colder temperatures ahead, hibernation is the order of the day, week or month ๐Ÿ™‚ (depending on just who is doing the hibernating)

I love seeing the seasons turn as one day leads to the next and the story unfolds. I even love the gray days of November because they allow me to reflect on the dark vs the light. I love my walks because they give me the opportunity to experience that energy and to see the changes.

This was the view outside of my window in the spring. Those early shades of green have gone and/or been replaced by shades of brown. The beautiful brown that takes the nutrients from the decaying leaves and grasses and feeds our earth so that once again we can see the green.

That is the beauty of November. The magic that is yet to come.

December is just around the corner and even though we are drawing in toward warmth and slumber, December is sure to bring a little light to your life ๐Ÿ™‚