the Present of Presence/7 of 7


We are all hearing a lot of that word these days. Present.

Being in the present moment and cognizant of everything that we are experiencing is Presence. When you connect with that Presence and understand how it feels, you can see it for the present (gift) that it is. There is no other just like it.

When was the last time that you can honestly say that you were fully aware of everything that is in your experience and in your environment? Of being completely mind-full? Almost everywhere that we go there is something competing for our attention. Those competing efforts have us in a constant state of comparison and diversion. So much so that the majority find it very difficult to relax and focus on one thing only, not to mention enjoying one thing only in the moment.

The art and ability of presence is not a simple task. Most things that are worthwhile are not simple and do involve some effort. When you get a taste of the rewards of presence, there is no turning back. It may even become your common diversion! There’s some irony in that – but what an amazing diversion!

If you can attain complete presence in your life – or very close to complete, you will experience an enhanced level of awareness that is a gift to your senses. It’s the only way to begin to understand this gift of life.

Peace and calm are all pervading when living in presence and that is when the magic happens. Once we are in a place of being fully aware of each moment of our life, those moments will allow you to feel connected to something that is captivating and mystical. You will feel engaged!

Engagement is the beautiful energy of creation and aligns you with a sense of knowing that you are a part of something greater than you can imagine. We are so much more than we are! Your dreams come to life 🙂

Years ago when I first became interested in meditation and awareness I found all of this overwhelming and difficult to comprehend. I could not imagine my mind being quiet for a few moments, let alone quiet enough to experience ongoing presence and awareness. It became my intention.

With a lot of dedication to that intention (and after a lot of soul searching and surrender) I can honestly say that I experience presence and awareness throughout most of my day. It truly is a gift to understand and feel that engagement and the rewards are worth every difficult moment it took to get here.

This time of year that we call Christmas has different meanings and involves different experiences and expectations for everyone. I have found myself moving away from the traditions of Christmas that I was raised with and embracing something that allows me to celebrate a festive season that aligns with my values and what I hold to be true to my heart.

For me, this means disconnecting from what has become mainstream and conventional Christmas. Disconnecting from the media driven ideas of everything Christmas is supposed to be – and more often is not. The trappings of expectation that diverts you from receiving what could be the best Gift of all.

Being present to the love and light of the season.

Celebrating your light in full presence and awareness.

Sharing your light in love.

Those are MY best intentions!