The Wheel Turns Again

The Wheel Turns Again
Aries fire is the dawn of new light
 Nature is singing for survival
Taurus earth is the gift that provides
Nature feeds the seedling
Gemini air shares the secrets of spring
Nature blossoms so scentful
Cancer water will nurture and nourish
Nature drinks from the cup of renewal
Leo fire is our Sun sharing love
Nature explodes into food, fruit and colour
Virgo earth is the land of plenty
Nature feeds us, one and all
Libra air is the pause for thanks
Nature is ripe for the harvest
Scorpio water tears and transforms
Nature releases and will rewild
Sagittarius fire is the quest for life
Nature draws close to preserve it
Capricorn earth rests for the winter
Nature transcends and reseeds it
Aquarius air is the initial idea
Nature upholds with return to the light
Pisces water is the dream of return
Nature prepares for the wheel of life.