Thoughts on Thought

of course, how we are expressing ourselves and what we do or say all begins with a thought.

Thought has a huge influence on our quality of life. Just ask someone in the depths of depression, or someone who is overcome with joy. Thought is energy but is more often than not the source of our energy and our movement of energy through physical, vocal and emotional expression.

Because thought is a source of energy, then what you are thinking has a very large influence on your health. Imagine conversations that you have had recently. Think about the different feelings that different thoughts evoke and how you and your body respond to those feelings.

Here is an example:

Engaging in gossip is all about an interaction based on hearsay – not based on any kind of fact. It is passed on and on, changing with each translation and is prejudiced by perspective. Everyone has a different one. Growing up in a small community, I had more than my share of affliction by gossip. I call if that because it does so much harm and never (rarely anyway) any good. If you dislike being the topic of gossip, then don’t engage in it.

This is a an example of draining energy, unless you thrive on sharing fiction with people, about other people. Then you may want to ask yourself why?

The comments and judgement that people make of me, is none of my business. I read this line a few years ago and I LOVED it immediately! It instantly liberated me from irrelevant thoughts that I had at the time about myself and as a result I experienced a shift in my energy.

Not to mention that it’s also a lesson on using our own thoughts and voices to speak kindly and positively – that is an energy booster in itself.

No longer giving a shit about the thoughts and secrets that were happening behind my back, I understood the freedom to do and to be me. Whatever I decided to do, or not to do, was up to me and me only. I am accountable to NO ONE, except me.

That is one of the first steps to amazing energy! Unloading the stuff that doesn’t matter and making space for everything that does – every energetic vibration that resonates with your unique energy field that feeds and inspires you. That’s what really matters!

I have come to realize that there is thought that deprives me of nourishing thought. Depriving thoughts exhaust me and get me no where. Depriving thoughts waste my time, my energy and influence my mental health, which in turn affects my biology and my physical health. Depriving thoughts also send out a yucky vibration into your environment and tend to attract and suck you into a vortex of more yuck – and down and down you go.

Depriving thoughts are energy vampires!

So, give some thought to your thoughts 🙂 Start tuning into how they make you feel.