Transforming Tides

Here we are on the first of November and this weekend was not just the natural design of autumn but also the true rendition of Scorpio. With the beautiful sun filled and air chilled day on Saturday making way for the big full blue moon for Halloween that lit up the evening skies and the ground below. Then on to the downpour of rain and leaves and more rain in the early hours of this morning clearing the air for some sunny breaks at noon and a snow storm at dusk.

This is truly Scorpio / November at its finest! True transformation that promises re-generation. The element of water in Scorpio is deep sea icey and not about to just go with the flow anytime soon.

Are you familiar with the effects of connecting with the intensity and strength of the resilient Scorpio? It’s the entire experience of life that inspires the Scorpio, including death. Regenerative.

When life throws you into choppy waters and you aren’t sure how long you can swim, surrender to the unknown and allow nature to take it’s course. Like the autumn leaves, let go and allow emotion to flow through you feeling each wave of energy that rocks you. It’s not the changes and challenges that will drown you; it’s the fear of the unknown and it’s ability to thwart you from the true gifts realized through the transforming tides of life. Those waves of energy and emotion are the driving force to lead you through and beyond the choppy waters to something new meant just for you.

November winds of change bear down on us with a strength that we can embrace and learn to make our own. Change happens to help us grow through what we go through.

Change is not something within our control (there isn’t much that is) however you can be certain of it’s existence. Why not allow it to enhance yours?