Tuning it Out and Turning In

I just enjoyed a beautiful sunset from my balcony on this beautiful spring evening. I love this time of year where we are called to awaken to the wonder of the new life of nature; it’s through the peep of the spring peepers, the beautiful bird song and the show of daffodils, crocus, buds on trees and amazing sunsets that we “hear” and heed the call.

These days, things are much quieter outside and it’s easier to hear these calls and notice the beauty of the greening of spring. Everywhere is quiet and calm where the air used to be filled with noises of distraction.

This is what I enjoy most about my yoga practice. The quiet, the calm and the tuning into what’s happening in the now – what I feel and how I am being in the moment. Overcoming the distractions. Noticing that every moment is different.

I have been speaking to you about back-body breathing and the importance of the practice. If you have been trying it and have had success with bringing a sense of calm and allowing you to be present, then I encourage you to keep on working with this breath every chance that you have. If not, then I encourage you to look into other types of breathing that can be as beneficial. Everyone is different and just as some people resonate with one or two specific formats of yoga practice and others connect with something different, so it goes with pranayama which is regulating breath through different techniques.

While we endeavor to keep our breath practice active as much as we can, we can also now begin to consider some other aspects of what will allow us to engage and experience the true rewards of a yoga practice influenced by the elements, understanding our unique energy and being our true nature, surrendering to whatever arises and balancing our mind, emotions and health.

This week I will share with you some of the benefits of:

  • experiencing sensitivities to sensations
  • tuning into our emotions
  • understanding the feelings behind triggers (buttons getting pushed0
  • creating flow in our lives

Because yes, all of this is important to achieving the true rewards of the yoga practice that we are pursuing together.

stay tuned 🙂