What is Aquarius?

Learning to accept and respect your unique self can sometimes be a hard thing to do. For some, it can be the trek of a lifetime; perhaps the Capricorn great work 🙂

The Sun has moved into Aquarius and on February 1 we experience (and explore) the new moon in Aquarius. How? Through awareness. It begins with you and your feelings about your own reality. If your reality is feeding your soul, soothing your heart, inspiring your mind and energizing your senses then you have connected with your Aquarius.

Aquarius is what is happening right now across the globe. The truckers convoy is not just happening in Canada! The circumstances of the pandemic and how it has shaped life for the past 2 years seems more like Pluto energy – but it definitely is aligned with the limitations of Saturn. And Saturn is co-ruler (along with Uranus) of Aquarius.

What I am writing here is not going to be a political statement. What I am righting here is a suggestion that the world is shifting – turning – revolving and that is the age of Aquarius. If you are able to keep an open mind with what is going on and know that there are two sides to this intensely emotional situation, you will see that it takes larger than life energy to revolutionize the way we live. The time has come because the way we live is not working. If you have any sense of awareness of what is truly acceptable (and what is not) in order for humanity to thrive, then it is going to take something really large (global pandemic large) to get things moving in another direction.

If you can see it and experience it from that perspective, then more than likely you will be able to embrace your inner Aquarius, which is all about acceptance and respect for your own amazing, unique and beautiful self. No matter what

But wait! what does that have to do with new moon in Aquarius? Well, it is the orbit of the Earth around the sun that creates the cycle of the seasons, and with the sun’s recent passage into Aquarius, we know it has been almost six weeks since the winter solstice. We are now at the half way point between the winter solstice and the sprinq equinox which marks the celebration of Imbolc for many. We just happen to also be observing the new moon in Aquarius at this time as well.

Imbolc is a Celtic celebration that marks the beginning of the release of the grip of winter – and a shift in energy – with a continual movement from darkness to light. It is celebrated from January 31 until February 2. We are now about 6 weeks closer to our longer days and shorter nights. You cannot see it, but in the depths of the earth there are changes happening as well. Changes that initiate new life.

What is the pre-disposition of Aquarius?

  • creative
  • independent
  • revolutionary
  • rebellious
  • unique
  • distinct
  • individual
  • truth

With a little imagination and from the depths of your connection to nature, you can see that the significance of Aquarius in our life is to be inspired always by something new and something that resonates with you. To have an open mind and open heart to the flow of life and the rhythms of the earth, the moon and the stars.

Like a breath of fresh air in the still chill of winter, deep in the earth creation is happening and the inspiration for new life and new beginnings are something we can still only imagine. However, it is also with your imagination that you create a vison of your own new beginnings. Your own creative, independent, unique and distinct individual you.

The new moon in Aquarius is a time to set the intentions that align us with the creativeness and the growth of the earth, and the energy of change. Just waiting for your true Aquarian moment to arrive.