What is Capricorn?

It’s not always easy to make changes or start something new. Often, when we are hoping to create change in our lives, we become overwhelmed once we determine what the challenges are going to be. We give up.

January is typically a time when we aspire to make changes and create new beginnings with the new year. There is something or someone that is compelling us to try something different, because the current situation doesn’t seem to be working or doesn’t fulfill our needs.

In itself, the awareness that something should change can be a very important first step. When things are not going well, this can be an indication that something really needs to change, however we ignore the signs. We are either not aware or we choose not to be, because it seems like it may be easier if we are not. That definitely has a way of biting us in the butt. Whenever we are living in a state of paradox, or with conflict, we can be pretty sure that the universe will call the shots for us, if we decide to ignore our dis-comfort in the hope that it will just go away.

What is the pre-disposition of Capricorn?

  • limitation
  • reserved
  • caution
  • security
  • remote
  • reliable
  • stability
  • determination
  • serious
  • stoic
  • perfectionist
  • persistent
  • resistant
  • responsible

The energy of Saturn. Saturn is all about “you reap what you sow” and true awareness will guide you toward the opportunities that allow you to manage what you are sowing and what you are reaping.

Let’s consider the natural rhythm of Capricorn in nature. Beginning with the winter solstice, it is the time of year when we experience the least amount of daylight and long cold evenings. Yes, we celebrate the return to the light however we are also experiencing the height of winter (in the northern hemisphere). All of nature has surrendered to the external conditions and are experiencing a time of rest. They are secure in their habitat, because they were aware and exercised caution. They knew that their survival at this time depended on preparation, persistence and above all, they rely on themselves to survive the cold of winter.

In order for us to enjoy the benefits of what life has to offer us, and to experience the freedom of wise choice and wise action, we need to develop awareness of how to best meet our own unique needs. Saturn shows up in our life as the struggles we endure due to limitation and challenge, and resistance to Saturn can rob us of the liberation that we experience through discipline.

Do you see nature sparring with Saturn and trying to create change that is not favorable to their existence? No, they surrender to what they intuitively know is a greater force than what they are. They surrender to the laws of nature, and we can serve ourselves well when we do the same.

Saturn energy and Saturn experiences show up in your life to teach you that you can and need to rely on yourself. Your life is a result of the choices that you make and responsible choices create a life that is rewarding and comfortable. Just like nature, you can prepare yourself for the difficult times, exercise caution and make the plan that will lead you to co-create (lets give nature some of the credit) your best life.

Are you ready to rock your Capricorn? Everyone experiences Capricorn energy in their life, and learning how to benefit from it is your first step to living your natural rhythm!

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