Where do You Stand?

Where we stand, physically, mentally and emotionally will influence our thoughts. Where do I stand?

Today I stand on the shore of a lake in northern Ontario and I am enjoying a week away in an environment that soothes my mind and my soul. That’s where I am standing physically.

There’s no doubt in my mind that where I am standing physically has a very large influence on where I stand mentally and emotionally as well.

It’s easier to free my mind of distractions and errant thoughts when I am in a place like this because this is what I love. The calm, peace and beauty of this place allows me to get really quiet and connect with the rhythms of nature. It feeds me, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am inspired!

I know that this inspir-action is what I need to take home with me when I return to my daily world. It helps me to align my thoughts and keep focused on what I believe is important. As I have already mentioned, I do believe that our thoughts create our energy and the vibrations of energy that we are and that we hold will determine our health. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

This is the place where I stand and where I continue to connect to keep my energy and vitality alive. It started with some imagination, a lot of creativity and a strong desire to live and be well!

Where will you start? Where you stand and how you think are the beginning. Find something you love; something that makes you feel well and feeds your energy and start there 🙂