Where is Respect?

Today I read in The Globe & Mail that our premier Mr. Ford is planning on the construction of a new 400 series highway (413) even though the idea was scrapped by the Liberal party (by recommendation after a formal review). The conclusion drawn from the review was that this new highway would save people a total of 30 seconds on their commute. Wowza!!

It would also contribute to further urban sprawl at the expense (and depletion) of surrounding agricultural land and natural habitats surrounding the GTA. What is Mr. Ford thinking?

When will the total disregard and annihilation of nature ever come to an end? We won’t know, because we will be gone before the final destruction of the earth. How bad do things have to get before politicians and the people can see that we need to care for our resources? Working against and destroying the Earth will definitely hinder any attempts for our survival.

Our clean water and food supply are already compromised.

Earth is not only our provider, it is our home. Who takes a wrecking ball to their home (without a plan for restoration)? What farmer rips up his land to make additional room to park his cars and tractors? Where do we turn for hydration when all of the water is polluted, or dried up? Or how do we sustain the catastrophic weather events that are becoming increasingly destructive through floods, fires, tornados and hurricanes?

How can we get people to understand that there is no better example of beauty and harmony than that found in nature? We should be out there taking lessons on resource management and maintenance, seasonal and weather cycles, the natural food chain and ecological preservation…..and the list goes on.

We excel at destruction! Is there any correlation between abusing our bodies (the home of our souls) and abusing our natural habitat?

The definition of “civilization” is the process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social and cultural development and organization. Seriously, where are we advancing to? Does anyone ever ask that question?

Our society is becoming so fragmented as we move further away from understanding respect. Respect for ourselves and for anything that really matters.