Your Beautiful Body

Once you have read The Chakra Code you will have an understanding of the basic energy frequency of your body.

Our bodies are the conduit through which we experience everything and it is because of this that we have a lot to thank our bodies for. Quite honestly we could spend a whole weekend retreat to honor our bodies and learn more about the implications of how all aspects of first chakra energy create and define it.

First chakra energy is dense and physical and other than water it is the only chakra energy that you can see. The quality of energy of your first chakra will have a large influence on the health and mobility of your body. They exist in all form, shapes and sizes with no two being alike.

That is reason enough to celebrate YOUR body; it is unique!

The quality of your first chakra energy is derived from the respect you have for you body in how you feed it, move it, clean it and rest it. It is also linked to your ability to support yourself through employment pursuits, community interactions and how well you attract and hold the basic necessities of life. Being grounded and connecting to nature are also key.

In celebration of our bodies, here’s your retreat activities for today, Tuesday, Sept 24:

  • as you enjoy all of the food that you eat today, consider the energetic essence of that food. Consider the impact on your own energy / vibrations of all things that you ingest including food (natural vs processed), alcohol, prescription drugs etc – everything has it’s own energetic vibration
  • at the risk of being repetitive, take a walk outdoors again today, preferably in a natural environment, park setting or somewhere quiet; today focus on the energy of your body while walking for 10 or 15 minutes – notice how grounding it is and the effect that walking in nature has on your body. Consider the energy in each part of your body and the energy exchange between you and the external
  • when you have returned write a few words in your journal / your thoughts from your walk
  • now making sure that you will not be disturbed, lay down in a comfortable place and take 3 or 4 deep breaths; with each exhalation allow yourself / your body to just let go and sink into the surface that you are laying on
  • continuing in that place, we will participate in progressive relaxation: you begin at the crown of your head / your scalp and by relaxing that area allow all of the tension you may be holding there to flow down and out – then move down to your forehead – your eyes – your nose – cheeks / ears – the back of your head – your mouth and jaw – down to your neck ………….just keep moving down your body. Take your time and move slowly and keep releasing tension as you focus on each part of your body. Keep sinking deeper and deeper into the surface you are lying on as you keep releasing. The slower you go and the more parts you include in this exercise, the more benefit you will get out of it. Keep releasing tension and allow it to flow down and out through your finger tips and toes. Once you have relaxed all of your body, allow yourself to lay still for 5 or 10 minutes and focus on the energy you are feeling in your first chakra
  • Next, prepare a soothing beverage and sit with your journal. Take a few moments and write a letter to your body, thanking it for everything it is and does for you. Include as much detail as you can think of – start with your feet and legs, moving upward. Enjoying a nice tasty warm beverage will allow you to sit with this and be mindful and if possible imagine you are having a conversation with your body as you write the letter. If you have trouble with this exercise for any reason – if you are unsure of your relationship to your body or if you feel as though it has let you down then perhaps ask why and journal any responses that come to mind
  • to wrap things up, place a sheet of drawing paper (legal size of 81/2 x14 at least) on your table or writing surface and in the top 2/3 of the page draw a circle – it does not have to be perfect. That is why I am not giving you a diagram to go by because there is no right or wrong here. Simply use your imagination to draw a beautiful stem and leaves flowing down the page from your circle. This stem represents your body and the leaves represent everything you have thanked your body for. Allow yourself to be very creative in the design of your stem and your leaves 🙂 we will continue with our drawing tomorrow
  • remember, be present and be mindful of everything that you do – particularly with how you feed your body and it’s energetic connections as we celebrate it and first chakra energies
  • most of all relax, let go and have fun xo