Being is Believing/2 of “7”

I started out this week thinking about my list of intentions. Thinking more than doing. Thinking more than being.

Just Be!

There are things to do to bring reality to my intentions, however being will bring my intentions to reality. So now I am focused on being. That means doing what I can to be and have my intentions fulfilled right now.

If you have decided now that I am not making sense – as in how can my intentions be reality immediately? – I can understand your perspective. Example, how can I BE the yoga teacher NOW without the training? That’s a really good question!

The thing is that many of us have to make large changes in our lives to be and have what we really want. The changes may be small tweaks or large habit busting transitions – but we have to start somewhere. My somewhere is being.

Being allows me to focus on what I need to do and change to attain that reality. Back to me the yoga teacher. I have purchased a book that is an amazing resource on yoga and the subtle body. This book speaks to me so I am studying a page or two over a day or two and putting into practice what I am reading. As I do this I can create the image of myself teaching the type and principles of yoga that I am very interested in. I see myself as the teacher and believe. The visual and and belief that I hold will create the energy shift that will attract the right circumstances that will lead me to the steps I will need to take to be the teacher that I want to BE.

Change is sometimes required to allow us to make the shift in the energy we are going to be as we accomplish and achieve and realize our intentions.

How do you feel about change?

How are you bringing your intentions to reality?