Celebrating Mother’s Day

Photos of Mothers’ Day Walk

I believe that there is no better time to celebrate our connection to nature than on Mother’s Day! Why? Because the maternal influence and nuturing in our lives is not a gift that we receive soley from our mothers. Nature, specifically the Sun and Earth provide for us in every aspect of our life. Without them, we would not be here! Without our biological mother, we would not be here!

When you take a moment to observe all of Earth and everything on it, we see an amazing and awe-inspiring place that we call our home. I think many of us would also say that Mom is home, in many ways. Then there is the Sun who shares her light, warmth and love, nurturing the Earth and inspiring the vitality of everyone and everything on it. Where would Earth be without the Sun? Who was the person or people who have nurtured you with their light, warmth and love? Celebrate them!!

Mothers Day is next Sunday and without my own mom here to celebrate it with, I will be spending some time out in nature to show my appreciation and give thanks to the infinite gifts that she blessed me with and those that I have received from Earth and Sun.

If these thoughts resonate with you, then I invite you to partake of your own celebration of the guiding, caring and nurturing influences in your life, while enjoying the love of Earth and Sun! Either on your own, or along with your mom, your family or anyone who you wish to share this celebration of love with. Right now many of us are experiencing restrictions due to the pandemic situation and it may not be possible to actually see these people in person. However if we are sharing in a common activity – each of us individually – we can honour that experience and those we love.

I have put together some ideas on some activities that we can do and I hope that there might be something here that helps to bring light, warmth and love to your Mothers Day 🙂 Try one or two or all of them!

Walking in Nature:

  • a simple peaceful walk (silence recommended) to connect with nature and observe Earth and Sun, distance is personal choice
  • during your walk, take approximately 10 minutes to just walk intentionally (a slower mindful pace) and LISTEN; nothing else, just listening to all sounds of nature (no thinking about what you hear – quiet open mind)
  • during your walk, take approximately 10 minutes to just walk intentionally and SEE; nothing else, just looking at all of nature around you (no thinking about what you see – quiet open mind)
  • during your walk, take approximately 10 minutes to just walk intentionally and observe your breathing and its natural rhythm (no thoughts about your breathing – quiet open mind)
  • during your walk, take approximately 10 minutes to just walk intentionally and observe the sensations in your body and the sensation of the contact of your body with the earth (no thoughts – quiet open mind)
  • find a tree that calls to you – Trees are our siblings who are always filtering the air that we breathe – enhancing our breath of life; once you have found your tree sister/brother connect with them, either by standing with your spine contacting the tree, or sit at the base resting your back against the tree. Experience the energy of the tree – feel its beautiful vibration along your spine and enjoy all of the sensations of this peaceful encounter in your body. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly and sink into the loving support that you feel. Take as much time as you like to enjoy this experience of your exchange of energy with nature.
  • take 2 flowers with you on your hike and leave them at the base of your tree to offer Thanks and Love; one in honor of your mother and one in honour of Earth mother
  • keep talking and mind chatter to a minimum throughout your nature walk
  • if you practice yoga, find a quiet place to engage with your surroundings through the sun salutation or a few poses, such as mountain pose, forward bend and child’s pose; breathe deeply into each pose and feel your connection to the earth, particularly with child’s pose
  • take snacks or a small lunch to enjoy along the way with your walking companions, depending on the length of your walk
  • ALWAYS be mindful of the hazards of walking in natural environments such as wet, muddy trails, tree roots and hanging limbs, poisonous plants and be wary of those areas inhabited by ticks, respect all wildlife
  • dress appropriately, clothing and shoes

Spring is a time of re-vitalization and inspiration. Animals come out of hibernation, replenish their bodies, rebuild their nests and create new life at this time when we too find ourselves coming back to life from the season of quiet and inner dwelling. The season of re-birth. How fitting that we celebrate the nourishing and nurturing of the maternal energy of hope and love!!