Celestial Mandala

The light that you are begins with a seed pattern that represents your unique energy pattern and your potential – your meaning for being, and your individual process to discovering and actualizing your individuation. It is a cycle of phases, each of which serves a function in one or more dimensions* of the whole life pattern.

With your Celestial Mandala we build on your Soli-Lunar Mandala by taking a close look at how the various energies of each of the planets plays and lives through you. We look at the aspects of these planets, which is their relationship to the Sun, the Moon and to each other. These relationships can reveal tensions, challenges as well as motivations and energies that condition and support you throughout your life.

The Sun symbolizes our Spirit; the warmth of love. The Moon symbolizes our Heart and Soul; feelings, emotions and connections that we have to our roots. Deep within we carry the essence of the seed pattern that is our own and is pure light. Through the lessons of life we learn to understand and manage our energy patterns which leads us to the harmonizing of Spirit, Heart and Soul.  Then our pure light is revealed.

In a most basic and scientific way we can grasp an understanding of energy as light. Are you able to comprehend that the energy of you is also light?  Unfortunately for many, the light that we are is concealed through the vibrations of feelings and emotions that resonate with fear, insecurity, anxiety, envy, anger, grief and more.  These are also forms of energy that we must experience in order to find that light within, the light that shimmers when we are able to Love our-self.  Each of those feelings and emotions will teach you something that you need to know in order to discover your meaning.

*dimensions refers to life situations and experiences; independence, our possessions, mindful interactions, family, self-expression, skill development, relationships, managing connections, beliefs, our gifts to community, our group affiliations, self-development

If you wish to know more about this process, please contact me. Your investment is $149.00 + HST.

Lets reveal your beautiful light together!