Living Your Light

The magical light of Chakra 6 blends with the awareness of Chakra 7 and brings us to the energy of our thoughts that lead to beliefs. If you can surrender to the energies that bring everything to life and follow the energy through each frequency of your rainbow, magic will appear in your life.

Destiny will arrive.

The inception of thought in the energies of the seventh chakra……

leads to the magic and inspiration of the energies of the sixth chakra……

leading to the connecting and sharing of ideas in the fifth chakra……

that leads to the love and commitment that expand the passions of the fourth chakra………..

bringing the power to the fire of the third chakra……….

flowing into the movement and feelings of the second chakra…….

manifesting into the physical of the first chakra…………

Creating everything and anything that you can imagine and believe in.

You are the bridge from the ethereal to the real – your reality.

  • Your beliefs are a result of your thoughts. What beliefs are you creating with your thoughts? Start your day thinking that it’s going to be a crappy day and that’s what you will get. Dwell on thoughts of deficiency and the things that you don’t have and increase the challenges inherent in struggling instead of living
  • Start your day with welcoming the sun or the rain and being thankful for whatever you see before you. Greet the morning light with your best light and thoughts that this is another amazing day of your life. Enjoy all of the blessings bestowed upon you and recognize that in one way or another everything is a blessing
  • Experience the difference this makes in your health; mind, body and spirit
  • Blessings arrive in many different forms and the difficult ones usually lead to gifts of gold – when you surrender and allow those gifts to be delivered to you
  • Resistance is a sign that your thoughts and what you believe are not aligned with the truth of the moment – it shows up as frustration, annoyance, anger, fear, anxiety
  • So question every resistance you experience and resolve to surrender to the truth
  • The truth is the ethereal becoming real and the truth will set you free šŸ™‚