Understanding Winter

How do you perceive winter?

On face value, there are several words that come to mind for me; cold, dull, stormy, quiet, solitary and peaceful. Many people will claim that these are terms of loneliness, however I tend to resonate with the last word. For me, this is a peaceful time of year.

All of nature understands the implications of this time of year. They have found shelter and are tucked away from the cold and stormy blasts. Their instincts led them to prepare for their survival by storing food and then finding that place that shelters them from the unforgiving winter winds.

Nature understands the natural cycle of inspiration, creation, activity (work and play), gathering and rest. These are laws of nature that actually pertain to all beings, including those of us who walk on two legs. Winter is the gift of rest, however that gift has been diminished in the hearts and minds of those who are not fond of experiencing quiet.

Personally, I believe that winter is the perfect time to reflect on how my life is going and if there is anything I would like, or need to change. Winter is a time to draw within, rest our bodies and souls in the solitude and re-connect with the part of ourselves within that guides us. Long rejuvenating sleeps in the longer darker hours and quiet moments to connect mindfully and emotionally with our natural authentic selves.

It is only in that connection where we can determine if things are going well in our lives. It is only in slowing down and being aware of how we feel that we can understand what we need – and what we would like. It is in that connection that we begin to resonate with our own instincts and become aware of our intuition as a guiding force. And from there, we too can prepare for our own survival.

We can plan and prepare for meeting our basic needs. We can plan and prepare for creating an experience that truly feeds our soul and leads us to our authentic self.

If you are interested in turning your winter into a time of reflection and renewal, then consider joining me here.