What is Pisces?

Change is coming! We can sense it from weather patterns, birdsong, lightness and brightness of the sun, all inviting us to open to something new. The essence of Pisces is transition and renewal.

Snow and ice, cold and wind give way in the longer light of day, seeping into the earth and beginning a process of clearing and cleansing. Can we do the same? The traditions of Easter and the resurrection have invited followers of the Christian faiths to engage in practices of compassion and forgiveness through the period of lent and ongoing. A similar process of clearing and cleansing within.

Understanding and acceptance come through practicing awareness, and teaches us empathy, because once we are able to accept ourselves without judgement, we then understand that we all have suffered and re-acted to it. Our personal actions and re-actions may not have always been heart-centered however when we can accept ourselves and the way that things are, then we learn to be accepting of all. This is the root of forgiveness as well as freedom.

What is the pre-disposition of Pisces?

  • emotion and feelings
  • the inner realm
  • allow and surrender
  • transcendence
  • revival and renewal
  • compassion
  • mystical
  • creation
  • boundaries
  • sensitivity
  • perceptive
  • subtle

The energies of Neptune and Jupiter influence the nature of Pisces and they invite us to engage with our consciousness. This allows us to be one with our inner self, our environment, the people around us and fosters an engagement with nature as well. I would say that this time of the year, the stirring of nature influences our own inner stirrings more so than any other time of year. It is a true awakening.

We resonate with the flow of life and we can feel and align with those subtle shifts of energy that occur with the transition of the elements. Ultimately, the true Piscean experience is to be at harmony with our environment and to be able to experience peace within, no matter what external forces we are dealing with. It may sound like a tall order, however contemplative practices that draw us inward and to reflect (Neptune) will help us to come into resonance with what is. Breathing is a miracle that is taken for granted – but experiencing inhalation and exhalation in an intentional practice invites us to slow down and tune into the subtle energies of life.

Jupiter is the energy of all miracles and the beauty of growth and expansion – our personal growth along with universal. If you open your senses to what is happening around us, in the natural environment, you can notice and feel the shifting of the pulse of life. You can sense changes in the fields of energy that dominate the natural world and that resonate with our own frequencies and vibrations. The beginning stages of new growth!! The energy of miracles 🙂

Being present in each moment is a meditative practice and it allows us to experience the subtle energies of life and miracles. In these times of unrest it may be difficult for some to shift our energy from concern and apprehension, however if each of us focuses on our own individual vibration and how we can align it with being at peace, then this will contribute to a larger shift of energy within universal parameters.

Each of us bringing awareness to our own energy and lifting it through acts of compassion, towards yourself and others, will shift the overall vibrations of the collective.

Peace in the world starts within!